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Dr. Parimal Tripathi

M.S., M.Ch (Neurosurgery) F.R.C.S. (S.N.)


Dr. Ketan Patel

M.S., M.Ch (Neurosurgery)

Brain Tumours & Skull Base Surgeries

The skull base is the area behind the eyes and nose that slopes down to the back of the head. It forms the floor, or base, of the skull. The spinal cord, multiple nerves and the major blood vessels of the brain, head and neck pass through openings in the skull base.

The term “skull base tumor” refers to the tumor’s location. The type of cancer cell can be one of several. Some are malignant (cancer), and some are benign (non-cancerous). Even benign tumors can cause problems because they are growing in a confined space.

Tumour Types
Tumours are grouped by location and the type of cells in the tumor. Where a tumour begins can make a difference in the type of cancer cells. Location also can influence symptoms and treatment. Brain Tumours can be malignant (Cancer ) or Benign (non - cancerous). Following are some examples