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Dr. Varsha Tripathi

Dr. Varsha Tripathi
M.D. (Paed.), M.R.C.P. (London)
Paediatric Neurologist
Concept Paediatric Neurology Centre

  • More than 16 years of experience in Paediatric Neurology post M.R.C.P.
  • Have completed NIH Clinical Research Training Course (17/09/2009)
  • Currently practicing at Ahmedabad as Paediatric Neurologist since 1999.
  • At Concept Paediatric Neurology Centre we have multidisciplinary management of children. Our team has me, a Developmental Paediatrician, Physiotherapist and a Special Educator.
  • I have a full-fledged neurophysiology laboratory with 3 digital EEG machines, digital NCV / EMG, VEP, BERA
  • Working as a Consultant Paediatric Neurologist at Sterling Hospital Ahmedabad, India Jivraj Mehta Hospital, Ahmedabad, India CIMS hospital Ahmedabad, India
    I worked in U.K. for 5 years. During my stay in U.K, I did my M.R.C.P in Paediatrics from London. I also worked in Paediatric departments of various hospitals that had Paediatric Neurology as a subspecialty. Following is the list of specialised clinics I have done regularly.
    Paediatric Neurology Clinics
    Epilepsy Clinics / Cerebral Palsy Clinics / A.D.H.D. clinics
    Spina Bifida Clinics / Paediatric Brain Tumour Clinics
    Special schools: for children with learning difficulties and autistic children

    Submitted a dissertation titled “CSF CRP in patients of septic meningitis Vs tuberculous meningitis” for the degree of M.D. (Paed.)
      Papers Presented
  • GIMACON 2004 – Case study of Botulinum toxin in Cerebral Palsy
  • GIMACON 2004 – ADEM Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis
  • GIMACON 2005 – Early Intervention in Cerebral Palsy
  • ASNA Bali 2011(Asian Neurology association) –Cerebral Palsy and Vit D sufficiency Screening
  • EIPN(Emirates PInternational Paediatric Neurology)2014 - Clinical experience
  • of Bupropion in children with ADHD nonresponsive to Methylphenidate
      Papers Published
  • Indian Paediatrics February 2007 Moya Moya Cases Treated with EDAS - A case Series