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The Neonatal High Risk Follow-up Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic which monitors infants for abnormalities in growth, neurologic examination (muscle tone) and development up to 2 years corrected age.

• The schedule for follow up must be planned before discharge from birth admission.

• Routinely the visits should be scheduled at the following ages (adjusted for prematurity) :

        • 4, 8 and 20 months corrected age.

        • Additional visits at 12 months are scheduled as needed

• Prior to discharge, a detailed medical and neurological assessment, neurosonogram, ROP screen and hearing screen should be initiated. A   psychosocial assessment of the family should also be done.

• The follow up protocol should include assessment of growth, nutrition, development, vision, hearing and neurological status.

• Formal developmental assessment must be performed at least once in the first year and repeated yearly thereafter till six years of age.

• Ideally, the follow up should continue till late adolescence, at least till school as many cognitive problems, learning problems and behavioral   problems that are more common in at-risk neonates are apparent only on longer follow up.